poo-tea-lizer llama fertilizer

Poo-tea-lizer – Llama-Poo-Fertilizer

This month has seen us launch our “Poo-tea-lizer”, a natural fertiliser and soil conditioner produced from llama beans (poo).

The benefits of llama poo is that it does not burn plants like cow or horse dung and it can be utilised to brew a “tea” which can then be used on outdoor plants and house plants.

Llama beans are the best fertilzer and they are rich in Nitrogen (1.7%), Phosphorous (0.69%) and Potassium (0.68%) making the most natural, organic fertilizer.  Our llama beans are mixed with rainwater.

Llama beans also have very little or no smell and can directly be used on the soil.  Our beans are available as a liquid fertilizer and sold in 10 ltr & 20 ltr canisters, which can be topped up 4 times.  This creates 4 times the amount of the original brew.

Using Poo-tea-lizer often depletes weeds which other natural fertilizers  encourage after applying.

  • This may sound obvious to some – but please do not drink this product.