Quinta Da Llama offer Llama trekking, Llama experiences and Llama Breeding on the Isle of Wight

Quinta da Llama means Llama Farm and was set up by Simon and Rosa Hill in 2016 after a trip to Kaser Hof in the South Tyrol, Italy, owned by Walter Mair. There they fell in love with Buffon on a llama trek and decided to purchase some llamas. Llamas have a wonderful, good-natured and funny personality and are lovely animals to be around, being constantly inquisitive.

After buying a few llamas from Walter, then a few more, the llama farm was born. We are based at Shalfleet on the beautiful Isle of Wight, offering llama trekking predominately around the village of Shalfleet. The Llama Farm can also offer ‘Pop-up’ llama experiences at other locations around the Isle of Wight, or you can hire our llamas for film, T.V, weddings, children parties, summer fetes, or corporate events.

All of our llamas are the woolly type known as Tampuli or Suri with the their ‘dreadlock’ fleece which have genetic lines tracing back to Peru, Chile and Argentina.

We breed our llamas and can offer certain llamas for stud. For more information, please see our Breeding page.

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Llama of the Month

Llama of month for this month is Landon, voted for by Emily who had the “best day ever“ at Quinta da Llama with Lucy and Trish on the Shalfleet “Quay walk” on Saturday 18th May 2019. The walk was arranged through “The Price Is Wight” by Emily’s godmother Trish. Emily, who is from Peckham in South London was so taken by our Landon that said she was now considering her busy urban life.We all had a great few hours together and we hope to see them again when they next visit the Isle of Wight.

Hire our Llamas for Film, T.V. and events

Our Llamas are available for hire. For T.V, Film, Photoshoots, or events such as weddings, birthday parties, fêtes or corporate events. Please contact us with your requirements and we’ll provide suitable animals and handlers for your event.

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Llama News

Poo-tea-lizer – Llama-Poo-Fertilizer

This month has seen us launch our “Poo-tea-lizer”, a natural fertiliser and soil conditioner produced from llama beans (poo). The benefits of llama poo is that it does not burn plants like cow or horse dung and it can be utilised to brew a “tea” which can then be used on outdoor plants and house […]

Landon Goes to Church

Fresh from his Shalfleet Quay trek the day before, Landon, along with Tores and Suri, were invited along to take part in the Rogation Sunday service at St Michael’s Church, Shalfleet. They were all blessed by Reverend Linda Porter in a ceremony held outside the church hall.  

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